Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Its Time for Finds of the Week....Valentines Day!

I want you to get in the mood for love and romance with this blog today. The one thing that is free in life is the love we give to one another. Sure gifts are nice but just loving someone and not hurting them is the nicest thing one can do for another. Hope you enjoy these finds and maybe use them this Valentines Day!

 This has been my favorite find so far. Is it not just so beautiful? I know crafty folks will like this but for those of you who arent, Im sure a nursery can do form and greens for you. Then go to the dollar store, find some floral wire and felt hearts (I know michaels or joanns) will have them, so lace and beads and use the picture for guidance.

Yummies for the kids in all of us. 
This is for the crafters. I just love this.
You dont have to be a square anymore. Yes we can cookie cut our way out of the square. This is on my to do list.
Okay now listen up men, this one is easy. Go buy a plant, grab some paint, foam letters and a small mylar balloon and you will see one happy lady. 
Way, way cool and so in right now. But the awesome part is these are made of sugar. Who would have thought. The first link is where I found it and the second link is where the first link said to go. So I did.
Doesnt this just scream Sopranos? Might just be me but Im thinking how cute for any easy dinner at home. Who needs to go out anyway?
While these sandwiches are great for the kids, the whole page is devoted to Valentines Day meals. Awesome find.
What a great appetizer to start of your Valentines Day meal.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope love finds you this Valentines Day. If your single, love yourself. It doesnt get any better than that.
Thanks for stopping by.
Mona :)

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