Friday, December 27, 2013

Time for Pinterest Finds of the Week!

 This moms blog has some great ideas for kids on New Years Eve.
 This blog post is about the outdoor fireplace but I just wanted you to see the S'mores set up they used. Awesome way to bring the family festivities outdoor, just in time for sparklers too.
 Kids love surprises! Fill these crackers with goodies and watch their faces light up You can make them with empty toilet paper rolls and craft paper.
And finally, what kid (large or small) doesnt like milk and cookies. Leave the champagne for the adults, let the kids indulge with this.

Thought Id share some ideas for the kids first. Sometimes it isnt about going out partying with friends, more than not, its about being with family on New Years Eve. When Ben was born, my life changed. I quit doing the NYE partying and made sure that every NYE from that point on, I would spend with him.  I believe in the old saying : Who you spend your New Years with is who you will be with all year long. I love my friends dearly but NYE is all about family to me.

Make this years New Years Eve kid friendly.
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Mona :)

Portland Maine Webcam

Now I know what you must be thinking? Why in the world would a southern gal be showing us a webcam picture from Portland Maine?

Well because that is where I wish to live. Ive just been waiting for the perfect ultrasound job to become available. While I love the south and its people, I wish for the cold winters of Maine. There is something about the cold, frigid climate that makes me come alive. Living in a very hot, humid, oppressive climate is not all that great. You sweat like there is no tomorrow. You have to have air conditioning 24/7 down here. I have a pool and sometimes its too miserable to go out into it. It becomes bath water, it really does. Im sure some Mainers say the same but opposite thing.

I fell in love with Maine year ago. I visited it one winter when there was 20 inches on the ground. Crazy but fun.  The state has a great way of dealing with the roads. To me, that is the biggest issue.  The state has great food. The people are nice. Not too much crime, come down south, we will show you crime.

Its just calling my name. So until that time, I keep the webcam page bookmarked and when it gets in the 70s here during winter, I dial it up and watch. Makes me feel better...again.

Where is your favorite cold spot to go?
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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day Crafting....Flowers!

Spent the afternoon creating flowers from lace and trims. Some of the things used to make the flowers came from some wonderful friends.

Merry Christmas!
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Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours, I hope you all are having a wonderful Merry Christmas with family and friends. May the love and joy of the season carry on into the new year. My wish is for a better 2014 for all of you.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and I want to wish you all a good night.
Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year!
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Monday, December 23, 2013

More historic gems from Columbus Ga

 This is Katie the Cow. Katie is famous around these parts.

 Katie was the mascot for Wells Dairies that sat on this property. It is now a Best Buy and the mall next door. People in the community did not want Katie moved so Best Buy, under pressure, let her stay. Many a children have had their picture taken with Katie. My son remembers standing under her many times. At Christmas she usually has a wreath on her. BTW, Mr Johns ice cream was the best ice cream ever.
 Nice old lamps line the building downtown.
 This was the iron works center for Columbus, started in the year 1853. It made the town become a leader in metal making and we became the second largest cotton industry town in the south. Now it is a convention center. The inside is awesome. Most of the history and the look is preserved. Wonderful place to go to.
 This and the next picture is the Coca Cola Space Science Center. It is now a part of the CSU campus. There is so much to do and both adults and children love to go here. It includes a Challenger Learning Center, the Omnisphere Theater and the Mead Observatory. Visit our Plaza area for many interactive exhibits and displays.

 Next to the space center is the Keep Columbus Beautiful park. There is a beautiful fountain, promenade and beautiful english style garden behind it. All these building line the Chattahoochee River.
 Another beautiful historic home.
 This is One Arsenal Place. It was part of the Columbus Iron Works. The foundry served as an arsenal of the Confederacy, producing ammunition, mortar and rifled cannon. Boilers, steam engines, and armored plate were manufactured beginning in 1862, when the complex was designated as the Confederate States Naval Ironworks.
 This is the train track that separate One Arsenal from the Ironworks. You get to drive under it which is pretty cool.
 This is the Phenix City Amphitheater. It sits across the river from us. This was sin city in the 1950s. Thats a movie to watch. Many events are held here from concerts to fireworks. We consider it part of our city. The Chattahoochee valley, as we call it, is appx a 5 to 6 county area but we also call the Phenix City, Columbus and Ft Benning the Tricity.
Finally, let talk BBQ.  See that smoke. That is the smell of heaven. Im telling ya. You have to give in to blinded faith and believe me. I have been around this country and to other countries in the world and nobody and I mean nobody makes up some great BBQ like Country's Barbeque. Now Im not being bias at all. In fact, Columbus has great bbq from several locations but Countrys tops everyones. Ive had North Carolina BBQ, ST Louis BBQ, Ive even had Texas BBQ. I have even been to pitmasters competitions and nothing compares.  Not only is the BBQ to die for, the chicken and dumpling OMG! Heaven. The chef salad is piled sky high. Big Mason Jars filled with Southern Sweet Tea and you cant forget the Cue Stew. The turkeys they cook for Thanksgiving and all the sides....mouth is drooling...and the piece de resistance is the Chocolate Chess Pie. Thats when you know you have arrived in heaven.

Ill let ya go now. I know Christmas is a day away. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Stay safe out there if you are still out shopping.
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Old shacks and new goats!

 To me, there is nothing more Americana than an old barn, a tractor and a silo on ones property.
 This barn is on wheels.
 When I see old homes like this, I often wonder of the lives that were lived here and the stories they could tell.
 An old barn sitting on a hill. Just beautiful.
 Same barn, different view.
 At one time, this house must have been a gem for its time period. Two story and a huge front porch.
 Goats, goats and more goats.
 Goats as far as the eye can see.
 They couldnt care less that we were snapping pictures of them.
Cant leave out the horses and cows. If they get along and can break bread (hay in this case) shouldnt we all be able to?

I love the country. I want to live in the country. The sense of peace I get when Im out there is beyond words. Im sure its in my DNA, after all, every family from my GGF back were farmers, both on a small scale and a grand scale. Its in the blood. I imagine their life was much harder than ours but Im sure they loved it too.

Next time you are out for a nice country ride, roll down the window and smell fresh air. Take a real good look at whats out there, you might just like it.

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