Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving...everyone!

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions? We do. We always take a ride together the day before Thanksgiving to see what mother earth has going on. We take a ride way out in the country. Lucky for us today we stumbled upon a pasture of horses. They didnt care that we were there. They did acknowledge us by looking at us but then they continued to eat.

I imagine that is there only concern right now. That and staying warm. Its 45 degrees at 4 pm. Just a might bit nippy.

I hope your only concern is getting your family together and in a safe place for a wonderful time together. I know many around the country do not have that luxury. I hope and pray our soldiers are being looked after and out of harms way. I hope we take a moment to reflect what we are thankful for whether its over a huge dinner or a sandwich. I hope that the coming year gets better, this year was pretty bad for many, but still, Im praying for better days.

Thank all of you for stopping by each day.
From our family to yours,
Happy Thanksgiving!
mona :)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fabulous Finds of the Week on Pinterest.

Couldnt decide how I wanted this theme to go this week but since it is Thanksgiving, I thought I find a few goodies about it.

The very top picture is a gorgeous pair of tights. PS The boots aint to shabby either. I just love those. Here is the link:!!-help-please!

The second picture is from KIKO nail polish. Is that not a great color for fall. I just love the glitter. Wear this and you will be the one aglow at the Thanksgiving table, not the bird.

The third one hit me in the right spot. Im a crafter and we all need space so I thought, wow, this is a cheaper route to go. Ofcourse it has to fit you decor but I like it. Rustic makes it feel so much warmer to me.

Now for the Thanksgiving goodies. Yummy Yummy Goodies. While the bird is good and all, you have to have a great dessert to send you into that  post game coma. The turkey jumps starts it but the pies finish you off.
I chose three: Original Chess die for. Chocolate Chess commit murder for. Mississippi mud go to hell...o for....And a word on that. Mississippi Mud Pie should look like the picture above. It should not be stiff and straight. Its should be warm and oozing....just incase you have never had it correctly. I found all three pictures on Pinterest.

And finally, the Pilgrim and Indian. If the dog and cat can get along, dont you think we all should.  Be happy and thankful for what you do have. You are alive and breathing. Yes things may be bad for many right now but for one day, focus on the good. Please reach out and help those who cant afford a dinner. Volunteer at a shelter. and money to your pantry if you dont have the time to volunteer. Thats what we do.

I want to wish all of you the Happiest of Thanksgivings. Since we donate, Ill be at home this year, watching the parade and dog show while the turkey cooks. I will be with my family. I will be thankful. God bless.
mona :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Back home!

Just an FYI, did not like Florida at all. The crazy techs they had, the horrible humid weather.....the whole thing was a mistake. Sometimes you live and learn and I definitely learned there is no place like home.

Be back blogging shortly.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Another Design Team Project

Time to show the people you love that you are thankful for them.

I just love this. It turned out perfect. Its a double pocket card hanger you can use to send a little goody to them and a little note to tell them how much you love them and how thankful you are for them.

I used the following items:
One corrugated card, I trimmed one inch off the top.
An empty trident gum holder
Ek tools stickers
A punch
Heidi Grace Epoxy Words

A digi from Wicked Designs by Brenda named Begging you please. I felt it showed her being thankful, praying on her knees.

Please go by Wicked Designs by Brenda and get yours today. She is having a sale until Nov 27. And she is having a challenge. Please let her know Mona sent you.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope this inspires you to be Thankful too.
Mona :0

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Please stop by Wicked Designs by Brenda or Wicked Twisted Crafter and see the sale she has going on. If you are a crafter and want some awesome digis, she is having a great sale and a challenge giveaway. Tell her I sent you.

Here is her blog:

Nothing is crazier than running to the store during the holidays so wouldnt it be great just to shop online from Brenda. No car, no gas, no crowds, just think of the money you can save.

Thanks for stopping by.
Mona :)

Sorry its been so long....

Moving and starting a new job has worn me out. I dont even want to walk downstairs to get the laundry out of the dryer. I think they have found a new home. Its warm in there so the clothes should be grateful.

Im telling ya, I am not use to Florida at all. Trying to hang in there until my dream job in Maine opens up. I am missing my family and home in Georgia so much. Im torn.

Uploading some projects shortly.
Thanks for checking in.
Mona :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Finds of the week 3

 This is from Joss and Main. I found this on Pinterest. What a great way to add some oomph to a craft space.
Another great Pinterest find. Think of all the people you want to send a good feeling too. This might be the perfect way. Creative, original, right from the heart.
Another Pinterest goody. Just think, having this our on your porch when family arrives for dinner. The menu could be written on it or just something as simple as come on it, dont bother knockin'. I absolutely love this.
Im going to be honest with you, I didnt save this for the article. I saved it because the snow is so pretty. I would kill for winters like this. Be grateful all you northerners. This is what makes holidays so special. Sure the shoveling is hard, tiresome and a pain but the beauty of it last a lifetime.
I suspect Ill be seeing many of these this crafting Christmas season. Seem so easy to make.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fantasy in Lights at Callaway Gardens

You all seemed to like the Ride on Pine Mountain, well let me show you what else can be found on Pine Mountain. We are so lucky here in the valley to have a place called Callaway Gardens. It is open year round. It is a beautiful place. In Spring, the azaleas bloom like no tomorrow. The entire place is filled with them. I guarantee you wont find azaleas like this anywhere else.  Then summer comes and the beach, yes a beach opens. The Masters Water Ski Championship is held here every year. There is the hot balloon extravaganza. The Victory Garden is filmed here. Some of the best golf around is played there. The FSU Flying Circus is there. Playgrounds, eating out of this world, a huge magnificent butterfly center just to name a few of the interesting things to see and do. A train for the kids to ride, rent bikes, and play some putt putt too.
But what I really want you to see is the Fantasy in Lights show. This is just one section. The music you are hearing in the video is actually what you hear as you drive through. The lights and the sounds are phenomenal. The really cool thing is you can drive in your car, you actually turn your lights off and or you can ride the open trolley. Since it is cold in December here in Georgia, it is an awesome adventure. You can buy hot cocoa, bring your blanket and ride the trolley. We chose the car since my 80 yr old mom was with us. The event runs from mid November to December 31st. There is so much to see. I thought Id tease you with this.  You feel like you are in snow heaven when driving through it. I have more videos that I will share over this holiday season. Each year it just keeps getting better and better. Ive had season passes for most of my adult life. I love it. If you are driving close to the western side of Georgia around the holidays, even if you are just passing through, it is well worth the trip or detour to stop in one night. There is a huge hotel and cabins available.
Just so you know, I have no connection to Callaway Gardens but this place is amazing. Hope you like it.
Thanks for stopping by.
Mona :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My upcoming date!

Boy, time flies. My son is now a grown man. This picture was taken when he was 4 years old. We spent the day at Callaway Gardens Butterfly Center in Pine Mtn Ga. Well Friday I am leaving for my job in Florida and he is staying here.  He worked for 5 years both pre and post graduate but he is now working on his second degree.  I just realize that I havent ever truly been apart from him except a weekend once or twice a summer. We have always been in the same town. Wow, this is gonna be hard for me. Him, probably a little but you know the male species, they dont show it.

Thurday we are having a mom/son date day. We are going to go see 12 years a slave, then head over to Olive Garden...yummy! Then an afternoon of shopping, then a quiet night at the house. I couldnt ask for anything more. I will be back for Thanksgiving and he is coming down at Christmas but it still isnt the same.

I will be fine, let me wipe my tears away.
Mona :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Drive on Pine Mountain RIdge in Georgia

Come along for a Sunday morning drive. It was 68 degrees and not clouds in sight. The colors are starting to pop for us. This particular area goes to Dowdells Knob. This is where President Roosevelt loved to come and sit.
Hope you enjoy it. Sorry for the wind noise.
Mona :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

The view out my back door.

Tell me this isnt a great view. This is the reason I chose this place to rent when I could have gotten something alot cheaper elsewhere. Sometimes it is all about the view. I have taken a job in Florida and am renting a fully furnished condo down there. When I saw this view it was love at first sight. The condo is nice. Very clean and well kept. There is a pool, that is the pool house you see there behind the trees. It is on the river which is in the back view. Life will be hectic over the next ten days. Ill be posting those ups and downs with you.  I officially move in next Saturday and start working next monday. May this new adventure be a good one.