Thursday, January 2, 2014

It has rained for 4 days....what is there to do?

Im telling ya folks, I totally believe in SAD...Seasonal Affective Disorder! I have no energy, no drive, nothing because it is raining none stop. Now why cant it be 10 degrees cooler and snow. Then I wouldnt be this way...Anyhoo, on rainy days I tend to craft, enter sweeps and surf Pinterest so here are some edible find from Pinterest...oh yeah, I eat on rainy days too.

 What a great way to get the kids to eat fruit. It looks like a rainbow and we all know rainbows are fun. If I had a little one, I think I would put the fruit on straws though.
 I think this is a great idea all year long. Not just for spring or summer. What do you think?
 Who knew hamburgers had so many names?   Now this is an animated site so if you have slow internet load speed it may be hard to watch.
 Now this I love. What a great snack!
Last, but not least, how many of you mix your mash potatoes when eating meatloaf...dont be embarrassed, raise your hand. I know I do it. What a clever way to do it for a meal. Meatloaf cupcakes.

I think Im going with the meatloaf cupcakes tonight. Looks really good.
I hope you have enjoyed this food moment with me. Im just praying for a little sunshine to come our way...if not, let it snow.
Thanks for stopping by.

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