Monday, December 2, 2013

We are known as the Fountain of our Historic District

 This is at the corner of Fourth Street and Broadway. Welcome to our Historic District. Over the next couple days Ill be sharing photos of this area. It is really beautiful. There was a resurgence to revitalize our Historic District from the 80's til now. The homes are beautiful. People want to live there now. It really is a nice place.
 The urns have Christmas ribbons on them. These fountains are very old. Nice place to sit and visit.
 This one is more modern. It sits on one of the many corners of Broadway.
 This is a memorial statue for the Confederate soldiers who fought here during the civil war.
 This is on the secondary campus of CSU. The main campus is 5 miles north and east of here. The art and history departments reside downtown. Dorms are down here also. Those pictures will follow on another day.

The city paid $250,000 for this crap. Boy did it cause an uproar in our town. It wasnt even turned on today. We say it looks like a giant penis.
 One of many promenades we have in the city. Saturday is event day downtown or uptown as they like to call it now.
Another beautiful old fountain.  I love to hear the water trickle down into the stones. Our city did a great job with the hardscaping of the historic district.

Our town is very old. It was were Coca-Cola was invented. Not Atlanta like they want you to believe. Tomorrow I will show you were it was invented. The last battle of the civil war was fought here. Aflac is here. We are a huge city with a small town feel.

Hope you come back tomorrow and see all the beautiful homes I took pictures of today.
Thanks for stopping by.
Mona :)

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