Thursday, December 5, 2013

More of the Historic District

 This beautiful home belonged to a guy here in town who owned a huge nursery. You cant see it in the picture but to the right is his hidden garden.
 One of my favorite houses.
 Now this brick beauty is so so pretty. It currently houses the Historic District Offices.
 Here is our famous house. This is the John Pemberton home. This is where Coca-Cola was invented. He concocted a syrup to be used for medicinal purposes and instead Coke was born. In fact, if I can swing by there sometime this weekend, I will show you the home of Mr. Woodruff, deceased,  who was CEO of CC. Imagine both coming from our town.
 My son did an internship here. This is an attorneys office here in town. Beautiful house.
This is our hometown Christmas tree. The lights are strung but it isnt decorated yet. Ill have to swing by there one night to get a lighted view.

It is amazing how many of these homes have stood the test of time. I love driving down there especially on a sunny day.

Thanks for coming along.
Mona :)

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