Saturday, December 21, 2013

Old shacks and new goats!

 To me, there is nothing more Americana than an old barn, a tractor and a silo on ones property.
 This barn is on wheels.
 When I see old homes like this, I often wonder of the lives that were lived here and the stories they could tell.
 An old barn sitting on a hill. Just beautiful.
 Same barn, different view.
 At one time, this house must have been a gem for its time period. Two story and a huge front porch.
 Goats, goats and more goats.
 Goats as far as the eye can see.
 They couldnt care less that we were snapping pictures of them.
Cant leave out the horses and cows. If they get along and can break bread (hay in this case) shouldnt we all be able to?

I love the country. I want to live in the country. The sense of peace I get when Im out there is beyond words. Im sure its in my DNA, after all, every family from my GGF back were farmers, both on a small scale and a grand scale. Its in the blood. I imagine their life was much harder than ours but Im sure they loved it too.

Next time you are out for a nice country ride, roll down the window and smell fresh air. Take a real good look at whats out there, you might just like it.

Thanks for stopping by.
Mona :)

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