Friday, December 27, 2013

Portland Maine Webcam

Now I know what you must be thinking? Why in the world would a southern gal be showing us a webcam picture from Portland Maine?

Well because that is where I wish to live. Ive just been waiting for the perfect ultrasound job to become available. While I love the south and its people, I wish for the cold winters of Maine. There is something about the cold, frigid climate that makes me come alive. Living in a very hot, humid, oppressive climate is not all that great. You sweat like there is no tomorrow. You have to have air conditioning 24/7 down here. I have a pool and sometimes its too miserable to go out into it. It becomes bath water, it really does. Im sure some Mainers say the same but opposite thing.

I fell in love with Maine year ago. I visited it one winter when there was 20 inches on the ground. Crazy but fun.  The state has a great way of dealing with the roads. To me, that is the biggest issue.  The state has great food. The people are nice. Not too much crime, come down south, we will show you crime.

Its just calling my name. So until that time, I keep the webcam page bookmarked and when it gets in the 70s here during winter, I dial it up and watch. Makes me feel better...again.

Where is your favorite cold spot to go?
Thanks for stopping by.
Mona :)

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