Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last days of fall around the city.

 The maple leaves in my front yard have fallen. Now who is going to rake those up?
 These were taken last week down on CSU downtown campus.
 Look at those colors.
 This is the great Chattahoochee River and the Riverwalk.
 The river was calm this day.
 Walking on the river walk. People use it alot for walking, biking, skating.
 The last few leaves left.
 This is above the riverwalk near Bay Avenue.
 This is the 13th street bridge and this is the area where the rapids are now running. People have come here just to experience it. Its doing really well. It is called the Whitewater Express. Here is the link: Its a great video. http://www.whitewaterexpress.com/chattahoochee/
 Now look at those colors. Eat your heart out Vermont.
A tree at the end of my street. Bye Fall!

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