Friday, November 8, 2013

Finds of the week 3

 This is from Joss and Main. I found this on Pinterest. What a great way to add some oomph to a craft space.
Another great Pinterest find. Think of all the people you want to send a good feeling too. This might be the perfect way. Creative, original, right from the heart.
Another Pinterest goody. Just think, having this our on your porch when family arrives for dinner. The menu could be written on it or just something as simple as come on it, dont bother knockin'. I absolutely love this.
Im going to be honest with you, I didnt save this for the article. I saved it because the snow is so pretty. I would kill for winters like this. Be grateful all you northerners. This is what makes holidays so special. Sure the shoveling is hard, tiresome and a pain but the beauty of it last a lifetime.
I suspect Ill be seeing many of these this crafting Christmas season. Seem so easy to make.

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