Monday, November 25, 2013

Fabulous Finds of the Week on Pinterest.

Couldnt decide how I wanted this theme to go this week but since it is Thanksgiving, I thought I find a few goodies about it.

The very top picture is a gorgeous pair of tights. PS The boots aint to shabby either. I just love those. Here is the link:!!-help-please!

The second picture is from KIKO nail polish. Is that not a great color for fall. I just love the glitter. Wear this and you will be the one aglow at the Thanksgiving table, not the bird.

The third one hit me in the right spot. Im a crafter and we all need space so I thought, wow, this is a cheaper route to go. Ofcourse it has to fit you decor but I like it. Rustic makes it feel so much warmer to me.

Now for the Thanksgiving goodies. Yummy Yummy Goodies. While the bird is good and all, you have to have a great dessert to send you into that  post game coma. The turkey jumps starts it but the pies finish you off.
I chose three: Original Chess die for. Chocolate Chess commit murder for. Mississippi mud go to hell...o for....And a word on that. Mississippi Mud Pie should look like the picture above. It should not be stiff and straight. Its should be warm and oozing....just incase you have never had it correctly. I found all three pictures on Pinterest.

And finally, the Pilgrim and Indian. If the dog and cat can get along, dont you think we all should.  Be happy and thankful for what you do have. You are alive and breathing. Yes things may be bad for many right now but for one day, focus on the good. Please reach out and help those who cant afford a dinner. Volunteer at a shelter. and money to your pantry if you dont have the time to volunteer. Thats what we do.

I want to wish all of you the Happiest of Thanksgivings. Since we donate, Ill be at home this year, watching the parade and dog show while the turkey cooks. I will be with my family. I will be thankful. God bless.
mona :)

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